Markus Friedrichsen

"The art of living is to bring your own nature in unity with your work"

Luis de Leon

Born in Hamburg in 1971, Markus began playing the piano at the age of 6. The Bands Miss Behaviour, Soul and Pepper and Just Friends followed, a mixture of Pop, Soul and Jazz.

1994-1998 Studies in Media Technic, Tone Technic and Film
1998-2002 Freelance Video Engineer (MTV, Music Channels)
1996-2005 Music Teacher (Jazz)
1993-Present Regular engagements as Pianist, Saxophonist and DJ at Firm and Private functions, Hotels and Bars. Concerts with the Jazz Quartet Just Friends; in Hamburg.
2006 Founding of Elbklang and the Elbklang Trio

„Music is what makes life complete, the experience, and experiences, it´s not so important what music I play, but how I play it - with my whole heart, that´s what it is about Markus Friedrichsen.