Emotional moments for your event

Music is an important part of planning your event because it supports the whole concept of the occasion. Malta-Music would love to help you choose the right music for your event. All things are possible and we are happy to help and advise you to best realise your wishes!

For the arrival of your guests at the venue, during dinner or in the lounge we recommend Live-Music, which provides the perfect atmosphere to get people to relax and have a chat. Our Acoustic Bands play almost completely unamplified, which means the music is played at a very comfortable volume. An even stronger presence is created by adding vocals, full of feeling and soul. Malta-Music works together with several great singers.

To celebrate and dance you can book the perfect combination of DJ with Live Acts. See a Saxophone, Guitar or Percussion playing live on the dance floor, feel the power of a soul singer jamming over the mixes. Your guest will always remember these special moments.!

See below for more information, suggestions, videos and music.


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