Here you will find the opinions of customers about Elbklang.

Martina Arnecke

Hello Mr Friedrichsen, the music fit perfectly with the location and the singers voice was fantastic – everyone was amazed that such a powerful voice came from a small delicate person. The instrumentation of the band was perfect for our evening party and a great contrast from the unplugged band we had last year.  The simple and friendly relationship with the band is worthy of mention, they also knew without me asking when it was the right time for a set break and when to continue so that I could concerntrate on other organisational issues. Elbklang is a great team. I would love to work with you again – if you are interested we could work throughout Germany.

Christina & Florian Görling

Dear Markus (Saxophone God) what a party, what amazing music! We had never seen each other before and you knocked us out on the day! Everything was perfect! Saxophone and Guitar at the Anglo German club, then the soul singer (what a voice) and you as DJ with Saxophone into the night nd it rocked! You played a huge part in making it an unforgettable day! Thank you so much and see you soon!

Antje und Christoph Dieckmann

Hello Mr Friedrichsen, we would like to once again say thank you for the wonderful performance at our wedding. We still receive lots of praise for the beautiful party and we are glad that many people took one of your business cards with them! The songs you chose to play Saxophone along with were great and they also got some of the seat warmers up onto the dance floor to get a better look! The background Piano music was fantastic and last but not least our dance party – I danced for 4.5 hours without a break and I would do it again! You also DJ'd without a break, how was that possible?! Well done and thank you so much!! We will definitely get you for our next party. Hopefully we'll see you at the dance in May in Randel. Many thanks and all the best.

Conni & Dani Meissler

Dear Markus, it was an unforgettably beautiful party, the music was perfect from beginning to end. Totally unbelievable! How you accompanied us with your Saxophone at the reception, unbeatable. A thousand thanks

Arne Eggers

Hello Elbklang, you were amazing! Your musicality was way above and beyond our expectaions! Starting with your Saxophone at the reception, Piano during dinner and the great music mix into the night including live Saxophone and Piano. Our guests loved it so much that they wanted to continue partying at 5am!  You played a big part in making our party unforgettable, thank you so much.

Mandy & Payman Abadi

Many hearty thanks for your musical accompaniment at our wedding. You gave us and our guests so much joy with your Saxophone playing, we are very satisfied with your work and have no hesitation to recommend you and Elbklang 100%

Martina und Jens Krüger

Thank you Elbklang for a great day! Everything went great, we are so happy and cheerful ;-)

Gesa Matthiesen

Dear Elbklang, thanks to you our wedding was a DREAM WEDDING!!!!!

Lars und Linda Garletziki

Hello Elbklang, we would like to thank you for your DJ work and musicianship at our wedding. It was a great party, so much better than we ever dreamed. We will never forget it. You played the perfect songs, just how we wanted it, songs for young, old, couples, singles. Everyone got up for a dance. You also played our many song requests which our friends loved, so much so that they hit the dance floor. Your Saxophone playing during the champagne reception on the terrace and later on over 'Sex-Bomb' on the dancefloor was amazing. Piano during dinner was perfect, such a beautiful atmosphere. All of the 100 guests had great fun well into the early hours of the morning on the dancefloor. Many people told us the next day how much they liked you and you musical versatility. The party as a whole was a success.

Jan-Henning Gries

A great big THANK YOU again for your amazing music at our party on Saturday! Our guests were just as amazed as us. You through your amazing performance made the night unforgettable.

Anke & Olli Kandula

Thank you again for the wonderful musical accompaniment at our party. We received great feedback from our guests for you. Everything worked so perfectly, the dance songs, the Piano and Saxophone. Very cool. There was something for everyone. The music on the dance floor spoke for itself. The atmosphere during the opening waltz was beautiful for us. We will definitely recommend you. We are so glad that we booked you.

Christina Wendt

Thanks to Elbklang our wedding was one of a kind! Stylish, simply amazing. People danced until the floor rumbled! The Saxophone songs impressed all of our guests, everyone wanted to know where we found you! The night will remain unforgettable for us and the guests as well.

Sven Stamer

Hello Elbklang! A little late but I want to say thank you for the great atmosphere you provided for our wedding at the Elblounge. It couldn't have been better. Starting with the classic outdoor reception with your Saxophone melodies, followed by romantic piano accompaniment over dinner and later rocking the dance floor for young and old into the early hours of the morning. All our wishes came true and everyone is talking about our dream wedding. Thank you for your help.

Jan Wülfken

Hello Elbklang, we would like to thank you again for the amazing entertainment at our wedding in Windmeuller, Steinkirchen. Your Saxophone playing at our reception in the garden, the lovely Piano music during dinner, the super party and dance mix with live Saxophone made our party so special. Our guests were amazed. You crafted an atmosphere with great musical style. We always recommend you and would love to have you again as DJ :-)

Maik und Selina Brand

Hello Elbklang, we want to thank you again for your engagement at our wedding last Saturday at Hotel Lindtner in Hamburg. You created a special atmosphere in our Garden with you Saxophone playing. There's nothing better than drinking cocktail on a sunny day in the shade listening to Summertime on being played on Saxophone. Sensational. Our guests loved you piano playing during dinner. And you proved that you can party later in the night when you played with the soul singer. Simply the best!

1000 Thanks! I hope to see you again at one of your concerts!!!

Katrin Marie Luther

Dear Elbklang Team, many thanks for the unforgettable musical at our wedding. You made the day, night and party perfect!

Uwe Pinck

Dear Elbklang Team, the night at Walddoerfer Gym with over 450 guests will reamin an unforgettable night for us. The gentle beginning on Piano during welcoming drinks, the good music mix from the past 70 years, your Saxophone playing on the dance floor and the disco music that took us into the early hours of the morning, Thank you for your unforgettable part in our Jubilee.

Volker Westfalen

Hello Mr Friedrichsen, we talked briefly at my cousin, Jens Westphalen's wedding. Your beautiful Piano playing followed by your excellent Saxophone solo over James Brown and Co. 'crowned'. Where and when can one hear you play solo or with your Jazz band in and around Hamburg? Thanks again and a big well done for your musicianship!