Hamburg - Gate to the World

It is at the port where Hamburgs growth is most obvious - like no other city in Germany. With the creation of a totally new suburb, the Hafen-City, creativity and innovation is blossoming and Hamburg is fast rising to prolific city status.  "The charm of the region with the mixture of industry and nature is extremely inspiring for me as a musician" says Markus Friedrichsen, who has been resident at the Museum Port for quite some years now and has received many good song ideas from the observation of the Ports flow and production. Which he also thinks, provides the same inspiration for the other businesses in the area.
The new economic power, a living art and music scene, the beauty of the port area.   All of these things stimulate and affirm that Hamburg, at the latest in 2011 with the new Elbphilharmonic building, is rising to a European culture metropolitan.

Elbklang - Music Agent and Culture Platform

The cultural life in the Hanse City Hamburg, has always functioned from the initiative of its residents. Elbklang would like to, alongside the provision of musician´s, provide a port for event planning and music culture in Hamburg. Concert announcement, planning, composition premiere, contribute to this.

Elbklang offers very competent advice for each individual event. The founder of Elbklang- Markus Friedrichsen, with his many years of experience, creates high quality live music. "We work thoughtfully with your ideas and wishes", says Markus and describes his work as "a display of the passion for music at any event with outstanding concerts that give just as much joy to every listener as it gives me to play- that is a wonderful feeling!"